Future of touchscreen?- wonderful Futurology film

I recently read a wonderful blog by Bret Victor about the lack of ambition shown in a futurology film on You Tube. The futurolgy film showing concpt digital interaction is at: http://www.youtube.com/user/officevideos#p/u/0/a6cNdhOKwi0

The film is wonderfully produced (Japanese agency) and I agree that while it does lack the level of vision that Bret is looking for, it does give a futuroloigist's vision for technology stage in our work and home life when touchscreen digital interactivity reaches it's endgame. And this is the point. 

Touchscreen interaction, or "pictures under glass" as Bret call it, while novel and exciting, is limited by the very fact that it is 'single finger navigation'. As humans living in an era of the fastest development in the history of the world we can do better than single finger navigation. In 1984 Steve Jobs unveilled the Apple Macintosh personal computer. The 1st in the world to use a mouse, a device that quickly taught us to free-up our eyes onto the screen rather than flicking between the keyboard and the screen. 
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